Engaging Men, Sponsoring Women

Programme Outline

Men are a crucial and valued stakeholder group in the drive to leverage female talent in the workplace. This programme engages men with the strategic agenda of enabling female career advancement, positions the importance of male engagement and sponsorship, and provides practical tools to equip men with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be actively involved in this agenda. While the programme overview gives a summary of positioning, objectives and potential topics, we will of course be pleased to discuss any element of this with you so that it best meets your requirements.

Course Core Messages

  • Men are a crucial and valued stakeholder group in relation to gender equality
  • Men are not seen to be responsible for inequality, but do have a responsibility to take an active role in creating an inclusive work environment
  • Moral agreement combined with passive action is not enough
  • ‘Fixing the women’ is not the answer; instead we need to effect change in organisational culture by engaging leaders (often male) who can influence organisational culture
  • Equally, expecting women alone to solve the challenge of under-utilisation of female talent, will not lead to sustained change
  • More effective is giving women tools to navigate their careers, while simultaneously ensuring the workplace is inclusive or all

Who is the event for ?
Male leaders, with the role, level or personal ability to influence change within their organisation or sphere of control.

Sample Programme Overview
A facilitated session to:

  • Review the importance of gender diversity to your company
  • Discuss what men can do as leaders, and as individuals, to leverage female talent for organisational benefit; including why men engage with this agenda… and why they don’t
  • Review gender as a culture; reflect on how gender norms nuance the career performance and trajectory of talented women and how unconscious biases may get in the way of supporting women’s career development
  • Provide an inclusive environment for male leaders to consider fresh perspectives regarding actions, behaviour and biases and the impact of those actions/behaviours/biases whether intended or otherwise
  • (Optional: Review gender in a commercial context as regards attracting and connecting with female customers to leverage market segment opportunities)
  • To increase employee engagement and productivity and gain commercial benefit as a result

Course values:

  • A workshop predicated on Responsibility and Leadership — not blame; we approach attendees as part of the solution, not part of the problem
  • Safe space – terminology used in the room is less important than intent to do the right thing (although terminology may be used to highlight how gender bias may be perceived/created)
  • Time to reflect, think more deeply, and self-assess
  • Appreciative enquiry will be encouraged rather than an immediate ‘agree/disagree’ stance
  • We recognise some men are impacted by gender conditioning too; greater understanding of gender norms will benefit both men and women in the workplace


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