Unconscious Bias

Understanding & Managing in your Organisation

Our Approach

As individuals, each of us tends to see the world, and other people, through the lens of our own unconscious bias. In the workplace this can and does lead to people being unintentionally excluded or ‘overlooked’. In our view this is one of the key reasons why, in most organisations, certain groups are under-represented in the talent pipeline. Understanding this topic can therefore be a key enabler of fully developing an organisation’s talent.

Our practical, interactive sessions on this topic:

• Build awareness and understanding about what unconscious bias is, why and how it occurs

• Clarify and ‘demystify’ the key concepts and language associated with this subject

• Help participants relate to the topic by drawing on their own experience and perspectives

• Explore the implications it has, especially for the world of work

• Enable participants to develop practical strategies to recognise and manage unconscious bias, whether as an employee/colleague or as a manager/leader.

A ‘Customised’ and Modular Structure:

We can provide tailor-made modular options to suit the specific requirements you have, the intended participants and the time available. These can be delivered as one-off, stand-alone sessions or can be integrated into other development/training opportunities.

Our way of working on this topic is always highly interactive, with the aim of people gaining practical insights and tools to work with after the session. We create a safe and relaxed environment in which people can explore this subject and ‘connect’ with it in ways that are relevant and tangible.

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