Women’s Career Development

Your Career in Your Hands - A Career Management Programme for Women

This a flexible programme of career development for women, with learning modules, workshops and networking events tailored specifically to a client's needs.


Who’s it for?

This development programme has been specifically created for women, around the world, who have the desire and potential to progress further in their chosen professions. As a global diversity and inclusion consultancy, Brook Graham is experienced in working on the career and talent management challenges faced by large organisations and the women within them. Participants are part of an all-female group and the learning takes place in a confidential and informal environment. The programme provides the opportunity to explore a range of career issues, often for the first time, with other women who have similar work experiences and life challenges. This format has been successfully tailored for women at all levels in their careers who share a common goal – success.


What are the objectives?

Women who attend this invaluable workshop will:

  • Develop skills and strategies that allow them to thrive in the organisational culture.
  • Create strategies for balancing life inside and outside work.
  • Learn to set realistic and achievable personal and professional goals.
  • Enhance their self-confidence by establishing a positive personal identity.
  • Increase their self-awareness regarding personal values, attitudes and styles.
  • Assess current skills and competencies and identify areas for development.
  • Understand the challenges facing women in business and be able to articulate the business case for positive action.
  • Be able to create a consistently positive impact via enhanced communication, influencing and assertiveness skills.
  • Build a network of like-minded female colleagues for ongoing support and collaboration.


Why women only?

It’s a well known fact that women are a major source of untapped talent in organisations. However, research has shown that it’s invaluable for women to have an opportunity to discuss their particular development requirements in a women-only setting and focus on the special challenges and issues faced by women managers in traditionally male-dominated environments. These ‘positive action’ events are designed to complement, not replace, other training and development programmes. They’re aimed at giving statistically under-represented groups at certain levels in organisations, the chance and confidence to compete on an equal footing with others.


The programme format.

Whilst the format for Stage 1 remains the same for all events, there are various approaches that can be taken for Stages 2 and 3, depending on your requirements. Brook Graham can tailor the programme accordingly following consultation about your specific needs.


Stage 1

Complete comprehensive pre-course workbook in preparation for the first workshop.


Stage 2 - Options

  • 2-3 day residential workshop
  • 3 x1 day non-residential modules


Stage 3 - Options

  • 1 day recall workshop
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Facilitated action learning sets – face to face or by phone
  • Alumnae networking events

Each programme is for a maximum of 12 participants – either attended by colleagues within one organisation or at an open programme with attendee from various organisations.


Find out more

For full details of the programme please download PDF.

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